our story

Mini loves Universe is an Helsinki based lifestyle brand
and online store for you and your little ones.

The brand was founded in Helsinki
by mother and fashion designer Anna-Greta Liedes after struggling
to find timeless, high-quality and ecological products
with neutral colour palette for her baby.

That is why our world is filled with ethically produced luxury items
with ageless aesthetic.

To us the most important thing is to create sustainably made, long lasting products which will make both children’s and parents eyes sparkle.

We work against the mass production and take pride in that all of our own goods are handcrafted in Finland. We give special attention to details
and quality in our products by making every step by hand.

Our dream is that our products live and grow together with the little ones
and create everlasting memories from the childhood.


We use only ecological materials such as
organic cotton, hemp, linen, birch wood and recycled leather.
All of our fabrics are GOTS certified and produced within Europe.


Because our love for an eco-friendly lifestyle,
we have chosen some lovely pieces from other small businesses,
who share the same values than us, for you to discover!

Hopefully you like our picks as much as we do!

Thank you for stopping by!

xo, Anna-Greta - designer, maker and creator behind Mini loves Universe 

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If you have any questions, please contact us at info@minilovesuniverse.com